Holistic Energy Magic: My Approach and A Healing Ritual

This is a ritual I came up with to lead my mind, spirit, and body toward healing and to invite abundance and wealth into my life. It will open and heal your heart chakra, and it allows the universe to do what you need without your deciding or telling it what you need (because you may not know).


Background and Approach

When I was teaching full time and dealing with stress and depression, a therapist I saw revolutionized my thinking about how to manage my mental health - she acknowledged and, more than that, HONORED, the fact that it is extremely difficult to carve out time to fit self-care into a daily routine for people in certain circumstances: teachers, nurses, PARENTS, etc. She said that her clients had more success with the strategies she gave them when they were able to integrate them into a routine that already exists, instead of trying to schedule a separate time for them.

Before this, I had tried daily morning yoga and gave it up after a little while, feeling like a failure every day I couldn't get out of bed on time to fit it in. Then I tried again with meditation, and again I gave it up after a couple of months because when I could get out of bed with enough time to meditate, I would fall asleep during meditation at least 70% of the time, and then I felt that heavy sense of failure again. And guilt. Because obviously this was something that was supposed to be SO GOOD FOR ME, but I couldn't make it work. Instead of relieving stress, it caused more. Have you experienced this? 

So, imagine my delight in learning there was another way of doing things. Why hadn't I thought of this? One example of what she taught me was that I could pick a part of my routine and integrate setting an intention with it or a simple mantra-type-ritual. I chose my morning cup of coffee. Every time I took a sip, I would think to myself or visualize that I was taking in something I needed for the day. One day I would be drinking in the fact that I am loved and I can love with every sip, and I would feel that in the warm liquid going down my throat and spreading to the rest of my body. Or one day, I would simply take in the feeling of calm, visualizing and recreating the physical feeling in my body every time I took a sip. 

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It all worked so well for me that I have since translated the concept to magic rituals, and that is what you will find in my Holistic Energy Magic posts in this blog - with bonus variations for those who must do the rituals with young children around (who just won't nap when you want them to or scream/chase after you with "what are you doing, mom?" when you leave the room for 5 minutes ... a.k.a. my children)

Before We Get Into It ... 

Holistic Energy Magic uses little or no physical tools and is all about the power of form to follow thought and intention. It therefore works best when you, the practitioner, have practiced and developed focus and visualization, but don't let the idea that you're "not good enough" at visualization/focus/meditation hold you back - you can learn and develop through practice, and why not try something like this to practice? It may come very easily to you, or it may take some time. It's all okay.  HEM also depends on your ability to "buy in" to the process. If it feels hokey or forced for you, it will not work as well. A certain degree of self-doubt and feeling like you're "pretending" is to be expected when you first start, but the more you can do to align the ritual/visualization with what feels powerful and meaningful to YOU, the better. If you feel like you're pretending, I promise that's okay - just put yourself into it, keep pretending. Your thoughts and intentions are still coming through to the universe/the divine/higher self/collective consciousness (whatever you're most comfortable calling it), and eventually it will feel natural. (Side note: that's just what it was like when I was first teaching. At first it all felt like I needed to follow a script, and nothing came easily, but there I was at the front of the class, the student teacher, and I kept going until it was natural. Sometimes the lessons flopped, sometimes things were awesome, but everyone still got some good learning out of it no matter what happened).

So what follows is a visualization ritual/spell that uses some HEM tools put together in a way that works for me. Use it as a template, and do not feel that you have to follow it exactly if you want to try it. In the moment of working the visualization ritual, you can and should allow your intuition and instinct to direct you when you catch the signals. 


HEM Healing and Abundance Ritual

Energy Tools

  • Emerald green light: sparkling, bright, emerald green light creates healing, connects to and opens the heart chakra, and opens you up to give and receive love. It represents and manifests health, renewal, and wealth. Focusing on it can tap into the body's ability to heal itself. With this particular energy tool, it is sometimes more useful to recognize the light as inherently wise in its connection to the universe/divine, and trust it to decide what and how to create the healing and shifts that you need than it is to try to direct it to a very specific outcome.

  • Image and scent of jasmine blooming: When you visualize jasmine in bloom (as pictures or a short video clip in your mind), and recall its scent, this draws you out of your head and into your body. This can stop you from "future tripping" (or "past tripping") and allow you to focus on the present. Jasmine will enhance magical intentions related to love, and attracting wealth and prosperity.

  • Technique for grounding and connecting to divine/spirit/universe: There are so many of these, and I think I will write a separate post about some that I've used. You may have something you like to use already. If you'd like to look into them, one technique that is well formed and described is Atherton Drenth's Vertical Axis technique. It is described in her book The Intuitive Dance, and is available for download (the book or just the description of her technique). For now, you can simply bring your attention to your body and your breath, slowly focusing on relaxing each part of your body, and then sitting with your breath for a short time while imagining that you are surrounded by pure white light. Once you have established and practiced a grounding technique that works for you, you can reach the grounded/connected state very quickly (even instantly if you establish a one-word trigger).

Related Tarot Cards 

To use tarot cards in conjunction with this ritual, you can place them out within sight while you work, or call to mind one or more of them that resonate with you and with the purpose of your healing ritual. A tarot card is a symbol of a state of being, a situation, or a relationship, and so works well as a compact representation of a kind of energy you want to work with. 

  • 9, 6, or Ace of Pentacles

  • A card that you personally identify with (represents you)

  • The Empresss

  • The High Priestess

  • The Magician

What and How

For this ritual, you are going to ground yourself and connect to a higher power/your higher self, call to mind the emerald green light and the scent of jasmine, state (vocally or in your mind) your intentions and desires - what do you wish to bring into your life with these energetic tools? - and then close it out in a way that will allow you to carry the feeling with you the rest of the day. 

Where and When

This is the tricky part. You will need to think about your daily routine and where this can easily coincide with another daily activity. Choose a time and place when you think you will be able to put most of your concentration into it (for example, while you commute on a bus or train, but not while you're driving), but you may not be able to be alone in a silent space while you work. That's okay. If you will have people around you, choose a time/place in which the people are either going to enhance your connection to the universe (like your children) or are people you can easily ignore (strangers who are otherwise occupied). Here are some suggestions:

  1. After the shower (or as part of your "getting ready for the day" routine): The shower is one of my only "alone" times during the day, a time when I am engaging in self care, and there is a visual barrier between me and my children. I make sure they are safe and reasonably busy with something, and then (even if my 7-month-old is screaming because he doesn't like it when I leave the room), I can shift my focus to the ritual. I find that the running water soothes me and helps to neutralize my energy. This way, the ritual is performed with a clean slate. After toweling off, I simply stand with my eyes closed for a couple of minutes to perform the ritual.

  2. While performing a task or chore that doesn't require much concentration or interaction with others (washing dishes, yard work, etc)

  3. During a commute on public transport – do not try to do this while driving.

  4. While caring for a baby/toddler: With a child who is old enough to listen or speak about what you’re doing, you can explain and involve her/him/them in some way. You could invite the child to do as you’re doing or suggest a quiet activity that can be done near you or in another room. You are probably used to having to split your focus around your children. If your child keeps asking questions about what you’re doing, try simply narrating the process - this doubles as a way to keep you focused on what you’re doing. With an infant, you can of course easily do this ritual while the baby is sleeping, even if you’re wearing the baby. Having baby close to your heart aids in accessing the heart chakra. If baby is awake and wants to be held, you can! I have done this while standing and swaying my son, holding him facing me (forehead to forehead at times), and with him in a ring sling. You can of course narrate your process to an infant as well. Your toddler or baby will benefit from being part of this ritual because …

    1. You are taking care of yourself. You must take care of yourself to effectively care for your children. Stop putting yourself last (I’m saying this to myself as much as to you). Doing this makes you a better parent. You’re also modeling the value of self-care for your children.

    2. The energetic tools that you’re using for yourself are transferring to your child.

    3. You are bonding and creating a new kind of closeness with your child.

    4. You have the opportunity to begin fielding questions about spirituality and preparing your child in whatever way you wish.




I suggest doing this ritual once or twice a day for several days, up to one month.

  1. Perform your procedure for grounding/connecting to divine

  2. Visualize bright, sparkling, emerald green light coming in toward you. Don’t overthink how or where it comes in, just let it appear where it does. State your intention for the light, something like: “I call emerald green light to myself, asking for healing and the ability to attract wealth/prosperity.” Again, you don’t need to say how you need to be healed, though you can. Just make sure you leave it open to the universe to heal you in the ways you need that you may not be fully aware of. Then direct the light with your mind (or words) to enter your heart chakra. See it flowing in, through, out, and back again in a horizontal figure-8 pattern. Allow the light to suffuse your being and your aura. Sometimes the light flows down into my hands and I can feel it as a tingling energy. I then use my hands to direct the light to areas of my body that need healing, or I simply move with the energy, feeling it, dancing with it.

  3. Either simultaneously or just before you visualize the emerald light, call to mind a visual of blooming jasmine as well as its scent. Perhaps the little star-like flowers float with the green light as it surrounds you.

  4. Let all of this continue for several breaths. Notice what physical sensations come over you. Notice what images or thoughts come to mind. Whenever your mind drifts to what you need to do today or something you’re worrying about, simply notice that, but don’t judge. Then bring your mind back to the light and the ritual.

  5. When you are done, cross your arms or your palms over your chest, sort of pulling the emerald light and scent of jasmine into your heart, and say thank you three times. Return to your body.

  6. You can call back the feeling of the ritual throughout the day (or the following day if you do this at night before bed), by placing fingertips or a palm on your heart and remembering. Sometimes it may help to close your eyes for a moment.

  7. Pay attention to how you react to situations after performing this ritual and notice what the universe brings to you with gratitude.

That’s it. It takes only a couple of minutes. Let me know how it goes in the comments!


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