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I am Juliet

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, Cancer Rising. INFJ. Multi-intuitive. Power Animals: Jaguar, Rabbit, Spider, Bat, Deer, Snake, Fox, Polar Bear, Humpback Whale.

At the age of 11, I was given my first deck of tarot cards. My dad had purchased them with some games at Goodwill and had a feeling that I'd like them. Though I'd always been pulled toward the occult, this began my 20+ year journey of studying and practicing tarot. My parents also gave me the gift (and the challenge) of allowing me to forge my own spiritual path, and I have, blending diverse traditions into my personal belief system. Currently, I connect and grow most through animal guides, Ix Chel, and Holistic Energy Magic.

Having recently left my job as a public high school teacher to be home with my two little children for a few years, I am now dedicating much more time to my spiritual practices, and feel called to guide and heal others (much like what drew me to teaching), particularly those who spend most of their energy caring for others - parents, teachers, healers - and those who are shamed, invisible, feared, or persecuted by the dominant culture in our society - LGBTQ+/QTPOC. Let me shed light on your path in life. Let me reassure you and reconnect you to the love of the universe.